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Why is Retail Lead Management So Simple?

Existing Solutions Were Too Complicated.

We looked at hundreds of Client Relationship Management (CRM) tools. And they were all way too complicated.

Too complicated for what most retail businesses need.

And too complicated for salespeople to actually use.

And Too Expensive.

Plus, most of them were way too expensive.

(Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they’re so expensive because of all those complicated functions that you’ll never get around to using.)

So We Made Retail Lead Management.

An affordable solution, specifically created for flooring retailers that need to track leads through the sales funnel.

Flooring stores have a slightly more complicated sales process. Estimates. Appointments. Measuring. Quotes. Multiple decision makers. Comparative shopping.

But nowhere near the complexity of national B2B companies with enterprise clients, ongoing relationships, and layers of bureaucracy.

This tool is made for you. And for your salespeople. To see, manage, and close more leads every day.

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